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  • Tangent. Transience. CD.
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Tangent. Transience. CD.


Product Description

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From Dutch duo Tangent comes their engaging sophomore effort ‘Transience’. An auditory montage of beatwork that blends subtly abrasive, mechanical rhythms with fascinating time signatures, scattered glitches, and nostalgic orchestral movements, that culminate into a cauldron of latent kinetic energy and sophisticated electronic noir.

Recurrent tones cut through vast landscapes of spontaneous melodies and sparse beatworks creating a virtual universe of sounds and moods. Matter is formed and collapsed at once, while a new universe is spawned from the ashes of the previous one. Static from lost transmissions projected through space eloquently expand and contract amidst floating particles of lullabies gently flowing through clouds of placid clamor. 

Tangent navigates through changes in regularity, volume, and depth to create a texturally rich sound, blending harmony and dissonance into one moving landscape. Subtle movements that when taken together cover great distances. Carefully cultivated and positively enveloping, the sounds of ‘Transience’ seep into the subconscious and create macrocosms within the inner space.

Product Videos

Tangent - Reformed Construct (official video clip) (04:43)
Tangent's first official videoclip for second album 'Transience'! Out on Tympanik Audio! Order 'Transience' here: http://tympanikaudio.bandcamp.com/album/transience
  • Tangent - Refo...
    Tangent's first official videoclip for second album 'Transienc...

Track Listing

Drifting Frontiers
Expanding Horizons
Radiating Singularity
Condensed Reality
Reformed Construction
Retreating Awareness