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System Syn. The Mourning Ritual. CD.

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Product Description

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One of Metropolis’s newest signings for last year, System Syn surpassed all expectations. Their album, Postscript, was one of the most talked about records for 2005. Not a band to disrupt their creative flow, they began working on their follow-up immediately afterwards. Now, a little over a year since Postscript was released, System Syn presents The Mourning Ritual. Eleven brand new tracks of electronic mastery, the new album evokes a sense of compassion amongst its crushing beats, playful melodies, and comforting vocals. The album’s tempo varies from dancefloor crushers like “The Isolation of a Realist” and “I Am Here,” to the pulsing “The Blind” and the ballad-like “Winter Current.” System Syn has compiled an album that will illuminate the dark with The Mourning Ritual. Released on Metropolis and available November 21st, 2006.<

Track Listing

01. The Isolation Of A Realist
02. Everything to Everyone
03. I Am Here
04. Winter Current
05. Stillborn
06. Blank
07. Silent
08. The Blind
09. Beneath The Sand
10. Exit
11. The Other Side of the World