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  • Supersimmetria. Materia. CD.
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Supersimmetria. Materia. CD.

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Product Description

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Hot on the heels of Supersimmetria’s “Kosmogonie,” “Materia” emerges as the straight album sequel – on the conceptual and the musical level: After cosmogony comes matter, and “Materia” exists only due to randomness and organization of its atoms and their sub particles. Musically, Armando Alibrandi boldly pushes into a point-blank technoid territory, albeit in the up-to-date dark and distorted fashion, with more experimental sounds taking over towards the end of the release, and especially on the remixes provided by Zaliva-D and Tomohiko Sagae. An adequate soundtrack for engaging in thoughts about space, as well as providing plenty of DJ-friendly cuts, “Materia” lets Supersimmetria shine brighter than ever on the starry sky!

Track Listing

01 Protobiont
02 Vibrating Particles
03 T Tauri
04 Abiogenesis
05 Unobservable Matter
06 Supercluster
07 Quantum Fluctuations
08 Canes Venatici Supervoid
09 Horror Vacui
10 Angular Momentum
11 Hadean
12 Vibrating Particles (Zaliva-D Remix)
13 Quantum Fluctuations (Tomohiko Sagae Remix)