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  • Strvngers. Strvngers. CD.

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Strvngers. Strvngers. CD.

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STRVNGERS (pronounced Strangers) is a Canadian darkwave, electro-pop duo founded by Maria Joaquin and Kyle Craig (KC). STRVNGERS define their sound as dance music derived from feelings of alienation, sexuality and existentialism. STRVNGERS is largely influenced by sexuality and death, with inspiration drawn from 70's and 80's cult films and their soundtracks. Musical influences include post-punk, metal and synth bands from various eras. The name STRVNGERS is a reference to Maria and KC being actual strangers, prior to being introduced by a mutual friend. The two began recording immediately upon meeting, these sessions went on to become their first album, SONIC EROTICA which they released independently. Their self-titled re-release on Negative Gain is dedicated to all the Witches and Warlocks who listened and shared their music. STRVNGERS wants you to know they see you, they feel you, and you are not alone.

Product Videos

STRVNGERS - Nostalgia (04:43)
STRVNGERS new album is now available for PRE-ORDER! Our debut album drops on Negative Gain NOVEMBER/18/2016! Click here http://strvngersngp.bandcamp.com/album/strvngers to get your physical copy. #DARKMUSIC #NEGATIVEGAIN ================================================================= Strvngers is a Canadian darkwave / electro-pop duo. Strangers feature musician Maria Joaquin and keyboardists/vocalists Kyle Craig. Maria, who previously played with the band The Promethean Labyrinth, began working with KC in 2015 for an untitled project. These sessions went on to become the band Strvngers. Find us here: Website: http://strvngers.com Facebook: http://bit.ly/strvngers_facebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/strvngers_twitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/strvngers_Instagram Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/strvngers Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/soundcloud_strvngers Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/strvngers_bandcamp
  • STRVNGERS - No...
    STRVNGERS new album is now available for PRE-ORDER! Our debut ...

Track Listing

Shape Shifter
Dressed to Kill
Chemically Enslaved (sec cells)
Stay With Me
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Casual Sex
Epilogue (Goodriddance)
Nostalgia (SlowScan's Demix)