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  • Steril. Realism. CD.
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Steril. Realism. CD.

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After just releasing an excellent best of album on Artoffact, Steril returns this May with their first all-new studio album in a few years and their fifth ever! What to expect? Huge production, raging vocals, driving basslines, snarling guitars...only the best EBM band showing the world who's who. The new album will be available with two extra tracks not previously announced: the new track "Beyond the Unknown" and a remix of "Statik" have been added to the tracklist. Constantly a band that reinvents itself, Steril has produced an uncompromising album, true to its origins and honed perfectly to deliver electronic enjoyment in the highest degree. Released on Artoffact and available May 9th, 2006.

Product Videos

Steril - Realist (06:07)
  • Steril - Realist

Track Listing

Realist 6:03
Statik 5:42
The Unknown 7:05
American Dream 5:08
Radioactive Man 5:02
Scripts Electric 6:24
Swordsmen Of The Crown 5:10
Wired Hate 3:35
Far Away 5:15
Kidding King 5:01
Beyond The Unknown 2:12
Statik (Club Version) 5:07