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  • Stendeck. Folgor. 2LP Vinyl.

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Stendeck. Folgor. 2LP Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Following a 4-year interlude since the release of his hit LP ‘Scintilla‘, renowned electronic artist Stendeck returns with his highly-anticipated 5th studio album ‘Folgor‘.

Continuing to build on his signature sound, Stendeck once again inducts listeners with a collection of massive beat-oriented electronica complemented by epic synth scores and resounding narratives. Nostalgic pads meet with evolving rhythms and pulsing basslines giving each song a classical feel with futuristic symphonic leanings resulting in a defining contrast that is both dynamic and engaging. Enveloping atmospheres expand and retract shaping an intensity and flow to each song arrangement while birthing lavish beat structures that effortlessly maneuver amongst engrossing melodies and undeniable warmth.

‘Folgor‘ offers release from the constraints of common motifs to present an expansive trip allowing the listener access to a world of formidable sounds that will resonate like an amorous memory.

Product Videos

stendeck - tonight is forever (04:37)
Official music video for the song "tonight is forever" by stendeck, from the forthcoming album 'folgor' [Tympanik Audio 2015]. Directed by Tatum Rush Starring Yeshe Gao
  • stendeck - ton...
    Official music video for the song "tonight is forever" by sten...

Track Listing

Come to me, close your eyes and lose yourself inside me
Violently exciting and extremely loud [folgor]
Tonight is forever
At the gate of impossible things
About gravity and the undefined science of human attraction
Trying to hold every little second that flies away
Last drink at the pink flamingos motel
Sad lovers’ song
Nobody lives here anymore
Momentary pleasure
Poison kisses in the torture room
The curious disease of the howling man
In deep waters we fall apart
We watch the stars shining for the last time
Nothing will be the same [again]