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  • Squid Lid. Tackle Box. CD.

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Squid Lid. Tackle Box. CD.

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Product Description

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PRESS "Imagine a psycho-killer loose in the midway funhouse. Now you are in the mood." -- RIde the Tempo "More than just dudes standing behind glowing laptops." -- Noisey - VICE "The biggest thrills of the night." -- BlogTO "Begs a second and third listen." -- Exclaim Magazine "A virtual Frankenstein of sound." -- AuxMag

Product Videos

Squid Lid - SHINY METAL LURE [2015] (04:19)
Shiny Metal Lure is on the Squid Lid album TACKLE BOX (http://squidlid.com/music). This video is in homage to Squid Lid's Underground Electronic Party Roots in Toronto. Music + Art Direction - Squid Lid + James Zirco Fisher Footage / Edit - Rich Gagne (http://www.instinctfilmcompany.com/) Producers - Rich gagne, James Zirco Fisher, Leonard Pearl Onset Technicians - Peter Benedetti, Robin Fisher Featured Performers - Chloe Dellark, Stephanie Olivia, Nina Marie, Sayla Vee de Goede, Amanda Marroquim, Katherine Piro, Jonah Kamphorst, Dallas Boyes, Pyromeo, Dave Lapsley, Nico Skellington, Location - Metropolis Factory, Toronto courtesy of Pekota Designs & Metropolis Living Special thanks - Drew Kindred, Jessica Shannon, Juila S, Delfina Gatito, Amity Dawn, Arc Llebpmac, Amanda Fielding, Aleks Bartosik, Marijus + Eglea, Leland Tilden, Julia Justo, Judith Cooke, Murielle Gagne, William Fisher
  • Squid Lid - SH...
    Shiny Metal Lure is on the Squid Lid album TACKLE BOX (http://...

Track Listing

Figment Shifter
Manta Ray Bait
Shark Club
Fevered Krewe
Wave Gage
Flash of Ink
Trench Detector
Shiny Metal Lure
Workhole Key
Calling Tamarindo