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  • Spiritual Front. Open Wounds. 2CD Digibook.

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Spiritual Front. Open Wounds. 2CD Digibook.

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Product Description

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Songs are like open wounds. Music can hurt. Can strike new wounds and tear up old ones. No one is more aware of this than SIMONE „HELLVIS“ SALVATORI. His feverish music is a diary of his failures and triumphs, a deep scar running through his work. He finds pleasure in the pain it causes him, sheds tears for the lust it evokes in him. Like an Italian JOHNNY CASH, he clads his life in intimate ballads of becoming and withering, of sex and death. SPIRITUAL FRONT is the Folk Noir crossbreed of ENNIO MORRICONE and NICK CAVE – Suicide Pop from a decadent otherworld.  Where secret passions are whispered into darkness, where dream and waking, intoxication and hangover dance closely, „Open Wounds“ feels at home: Morbid Mafia folklore for hedonistic self-destructors, murder ballads for decadent lotus-eaters. Like a heavy red wine, SPIRITUAL FRONT‘s music gets better and better over the years – ever more exhilarating, ever more effective. As if SIMONE SALVATORI had to reach a certain age to understand his music properly. As if he had to accept that living means suffering. Now, the erotic enchantment of his masterpiece „Armageddon Gigolo“ is back. On „Open Wounds“, it mates with delicate prowess and baffling arrangements that would invoke envy in every Mafia orchestra.  Sacred profoundness turns to sweaty sheets when SIMONE SALVATORI sings for his soul, when he trembles, hope, loves, suffers and lives. The machismo and his guitar, joined by the orchestra - „Open Wounds“ is the epitome of Suicide Pop. Sexy to the brim, sensual even in the face of certain death, full of whipping urgency.  To this, the bonus CD comes as a sharply acentuated contrast, uniting instrumentals, alternate versions and stunning reworks: A calm and very moody view into the artistic life of this abyssic gigolo. This second album is like the cuddling after the all-consuming act of love that is „Open Wounds“ - and SPIRITUAL FRONT is the lover that disappears before dawn. Only a dream? The wounds tell a different story.

Limited 2CD Special Edition:
•Double-CD in book format (appr. 14 x 21 cm)
•Bonus-CD with 11 tracks
•Hardback book with elaborate thread stitching
•40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper
•Strictly limited to 2,000 copies

Track Listing

Tracks CD1:
01 Soulgambler
02 Hey Boy
03 Song for the Old Man
04 The Devourment of the Will
05 Delation/I live through You
06 Autopsy of a Love
07 We could fail again
08 Nectar on your Lips
09 A long Summer for the Dog of Satan
10 Eucharist of Sodomy

Tracks CD2:
01 Autopsy of a denied Love
02 The indulgent Waltz
03 Soulgambler Theme
04 The bent Invocation
05 Nectar like Lips
06 Letter from Guyana
07 Hey Frail Boy
08 The forth Summer
09 We could lie again
10 Purple Cross House
11 Promise like Bullet