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  • Spetsnaz. For Generations To Come. CD.
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Spetsnaz. For Generations To Come. CD.

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Product Description

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After five years of silence with only sporadic club and festival shows it’s now time for the fourth full length album from the Swedish duo. The long awaited album titled For Generations to Come will be released early spring 2013. An album packed with electronic body music that will move people on dance floors all over the world. For sure yet another example of the diversity and strength of the bands musical skills. Pounding basses, harsh but melodic voices, exciting synthesizers and as always with something to be pointed out in the lyrics.

The bands earlier carrier moved them from venues in the north home of Scandinavia to as far south as Mexico, from Los Angeles in the west to Moscow in the east. Now we wait and see where For Generations to come will take the band on their journey in the world of music. If Spetsnaz used to be the leader of the new EBM wave, they for sure still are.

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Spetsnaz - "Fake" (2013) (04:11)
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  • Spetsnaz - "Fa...
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Track Listing

1 Ignorance is bliss
2 Onwards
3 Free fall
4 Between whatifs and might have beens
5 Fake!
6 Thorncrown
7 Mine8 Brainfood
9 Who made you God?
10 Dead mans eyes
11 True to form
12 Elegy