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  • Spark! Hela Din Varld. CD.

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Spark! Hela Din Varld. CD.

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Product Description

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Swedish SPARK! (Mattias Ziessow & Stefan Brorsson) is already a wellknown name within the OLD-SCHOOL EBM scene and are considered as one of the leading acts in this genre with several big shows behind them on all the scene-related festival and parties. Finally it´s time for their LONG awaited new album, whose Swedish title stands for "Your whole world". Even though the band always have been writing their songs in their native language, this has never been seen as a ‘problem’ but rather the total opposite, it has become their trademark. Another thing which is really unique with SPARK! is that instead of copying all the OLD SCHOOL EBM-acts have always built something own with the sound making them unique, one of a kind. This is TRUE old school with a modern twist to it. Be sure that the entire EBM-scene will react... A must for everyone into classic EBM!

Product Videos

Spark! "Hela Din Värld" (Official videotrailer for the new album) (03:52)
Official videotrailer from Swedish act SPARK! that will release their brand new album on February 8th 2012 via Progress Productions. Pre-order your copy now via: www.progress-productions.com (c) 2012 Progress Productions - All rights reserved - Copyright Control
  • Spark! "Hela D...
    Official videotrailer from Swedish act SPARK! that will releas...

Track Listing

01. Döden Och Jag
02. Dom Kommer Tillbaka
03. Hela Din Värld
04. Popkomplex
05. Revolution 2.1
06. Skål!
07. Hugg Det i Sten
08. Tankens Mirakel
09. Kärlekskarusell
10. Genom Stormen
11. Hela Din Värld (Dirty Anhalt Mix)