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  • Solvent. New Ways Remixed. Vinyl.

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Solvent. New Ways Remixed. Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Suction Records is pleased to announce "New Ways Remixed" - four songs  from Solvent's soundtrack album for the acclaimed modular synthesizer documentary "I Dream Of Wires," remixed by four artists that were interviewed for the film: Chris Carter, Orphx, Bronze Teeth and Martial Canterel.  Industrial music legend Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle / Chris & Cosey)  turns in a suitably industrial-strength techno monster that wouldn't sound out of place in a set by Perc or AnD. Canadian duo Orphx (Sonic Groove Records) augments their signature dark techno sound, building to  an acidic crescendo, while newly minted duo Bronze Teeth (Diagonal Records), featuring ex-Factory Floor member Dominic Butler, continues  the acid with biting squelches that pop from abstract clanging  percussion. Although widely regarded as the kingpin of the modern  minimal synth scene, Martial Canterel (Dais Records / one-half of Xeno &  Oaklander) delivers an uncharacteristic slice of brooding electronica, more Artificial Intelligence than Minimal Wave.

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Track Listing

A1. Elephant Generators (Chris Carter remix)
A2. Burn The Tables (Orphx remix)
B1. Quantimations (Bronze Teeth remix)
B2. King Vincent (Martial Canterel remix)