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  • Solar Fake. Frontiers.

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Solar Fake. Frontiers. CD.

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German electro outfit SOLAR FAKE, created by Sven Friedrich (singer/front man Dreadful Shadows, Zeraphine), presents a really extraordinary piece of work with the new album, "FRONTIERS". What was indicated on "Broken Grid" (2008) and the digital only "Resigned E.P." (2009) now finds a felicitous continuation in "FRONTIERS": driving beats and danceable floor fillers melt with great melodies you can't get out of your head once you hear them. Sven's voice is multifaceted like never before, but still it is the one element connecting all 11 tracks to a whole complete work. There's one thing "FRONTIERS" is NOT offering musically: boredom. It ranges from 'typical' SOLAR FAKE sound, through lo-fi Electro punk, Industrial, Synthpop, and 80s influences, pleasantly surprising track by track. It stands out that songs, arrangement and production sound way more fresh, danceable and club-compliant than ever before. Due to SOLAR FAKE supporting VNV Nation on their last tour and playing several festivals, they have attracted great attention, constantly increasing their number of fans - and not only amongst Zeraphine's audience.

Product Videos

Solar Fake - Here I Stand (05:34)
Here I stand Stopping the clocks to watch you breathingThe world I know and understand radiates your smile And here I stand, I try to put my arms around youI cant forget the thoughts and words and the dreams weve hadAnd here I standDo you know that Im here, even if you cant look at me I'll always live my life for you, to be by your side And here I am to take you home across the bordersAnd I long to give you everything I haveAnd here I stand on the puzzleEvery step I take is destructionHere I stand with these pictures, its just my imagination Here I stand in this cold room, with your hand so pale and lifelessHere I stand, Im waiting for a further proof of your willWe always thought the world would be too small for usWe overthrew the things we couldnt stand anymoreHere I am now, I close my eyes as time has passed us by And I remember all the thoughts and dreams weve had
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    Here I stand Stopping the clocks to watch you breathingThe wor...

Track Listing

01 Under the skies
02 Why did I raise the fire
03 No apologies
04 More than this
05 Parasites
06 Such a shame
07 Where are you
08 The rising doubt
09 Pain goes by
10 Until I'm back
11 The line of sight