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  • Snakeskin. Tunes for my Santiméa. CD.
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Snakeskin. Tunes for my Santiméa. CD.


Product Description

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Hall of Sermon is happy to announce the all new album from Tilo Wolff [LACRIMOSA]’s Industrial / electro sideproject, the first new sign of life of SNAKESKIN exactly 10 years after the release of the previous album “Canta’tronic.” “Tunes for my Santiméa” features vocals by Tilo Wolff with female singers Kerstin Doelle (who was already present on “Canta’tronic”) and the new entry Carina Boehmer! 10 new songs of uncompromising electro, melting with classical arrangements, a flavour of pop and a tremendous amount of anger and emotions! Although this release is closer to the style of LACRIMOSA, than the two previous albums, also this third album is very ‘industrial’ influenced and faithful to the project’s unique style. With three singers the range of the project’s sound is wider than ever before! Tilo is currently putting the final touches on a high quality video clip, produced in Los Angeles with crewmembers of Steven Soderbergh (“Ocean’s Eleven,” “Magic Mike”…).

Track Listing

01 Le seul vrai (7:07)
02 Moonlightfire (5:16)
03 Alive (3:45)
04 Santiméa (6:33)
05 GO! (4:36
06 Heartbeat (3:25)
07 La vie passée (3:47)
08 Keep me alive (4:38)
09 Take me now (3:30)
10 Recall III (8:28)
Bonus Tracks:
11 Take me now (KARTAGON RMX – 4:35)
12 GO! (Raven Mix – 3:20)