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Siva Six. The Twin Moons Limited. 2CD Boxset.

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Product Description

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Following their successful dark "Black Will" album and its club-invader remix extension "Flesh And Will Resurrected", the apocalyptic Greek duo SIVA SIX opens today a new mysterious sonic gate with their much anticipated new studio album, "The Twin Moons" to be released in June 2011 by Alfa Matrix. The fruit of two intense and laborious years of studio work, "The Twin Moons" album unlocks new mysteries from the history of mankind and fulfills SIVA SIX's compelling Hell-prophecy. Combining Protools HD technology and the bombastic recordings of the real orchestras of maestro Chris Antoniou (famous for his work with CHAOSTAR, SEPTIC FLESH…), SIVA SIX offers to us a very strong duality album concept constructed around contrasts and opposites. Dark elektro and IDM soundscapes embrace EBM and harsh industrial for the ultimate sound of the apocalypse where Earth and Stars become one, where Hell blows up Paradise and men and angels start falling down like flames from the sky in front of the bewitching rise of the Serpent Whore. Failure, vengeance and victory… "The Twin Moons" is the powerful soundtrack of humanity's apocalyptic descent in the shimmering light of the twin moons reaching its acme on the unexpected cover of Vangelis Papathanasiou's epic 'Blade Runner"… The angel brothers of the night, Z and Herr Khaos, deliver their best album ever and prove that the dark elektro genre still has much to offer when it is taken by the horns. Bringing the sonic experience to an all new level where orchestral arrangements enter in symbiosis with powerful elektro machine sounds led by harsh vocals plunging us in the unique mystic atmosphere of a theatrical setting where both Armageddon and Arthemis hold the strings of the plot. The visual aspect of this conceptual album is splendidly rendered by the infamous designer Jerome Cross (ARCTURUS, MAYHEM, ROTTING CHRIST, etc.). The strictly limited carton box edition of "the Twin Moons" holds a bonus CD plunging some of these new album songs in totally new and unexpected dimensions: from the hypnotising flames of the burning dancefloor renditions from artists like Christian Cambas, The Synthetic Dream Foundation, Neikka RPM, Memmaker and EX.ES, to the intriguing forceful darkness of the reworks by Acylum, C-Lekktor, PreEmptive Strike 0.1 or yet amGod. Released on Alfa matrix and available June 17th, 2011.

Track Listing

CD1 "the twin moons"
1) Faileth Stars
2) The Twin Moons
3) Intha Ren
4) Valley Of The Shadows
5) Love Is The Low
6) Serpent Whore
7) Hell Is Where The Heart Is
8) Necropolis
9) Angels Of The Nine
10) Two Against The World
11) Blade Runner (Stardust)

CD2 "alfa & omega" - only available in, the ltd 2CD box edition of "the twin moons"
1) Faileth Stars (remixed by THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION)
2) The Twin Moons (remixed by NEIKKA RPM)
3) Intha Ren (remixed by CHRISTIAN CAMBAS)
4) Valley Of The Shadows (remixed by STRESS)
5) Serpent Whore (Sadistik Remix by C- LEKKTOR)
6) Hell Is Where The Heart Is (remixed by GRAMMA)
7) Necropolis (remixed by PreEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1)
8) Angels Of The Nine (remixed by HYDRA DIVISION V)
9) Faileth Stars (remixed by DJ LIQUIX)
10) Valley Of The Shadows (remixed by MEMMAKER)
11) Intha Ren (remixed by EX.ES)
12) Valley Of The Shadows (remixed by LATEXXX TEENS)
13) Faileth Stars (remixed by ACYLUM)
14) Hell Is Where The Heart Is (remixed by DEAD FOR A WHILE)
15) Valley Of The Shadows (Dark Illusion Grab by AMGOD)