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  • Shock Therapy. 1985-2008. 2CD.

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Shock Therapy. 1985-2008. 2CD.

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Critics and fans alike cannot argue- no band does what Shock Therapy does, has done in the studio, or on stage. In 1979 Itchy, aka Gregory John McCormick founded a band called SHOCK THERAPY and started to mix up hardcore-guitars with synthetic sounds, to create very ludicrous songs. In 1985 they had their break-through with the debut ‘Hate is a 4-Letter Word’. The album was a huge success, even in Europe, where bands like FRONT 242 started to make EBM known to the public. And still today, 3 decades after, “Hate…” is still one of those underground cult-songs, which are played in every independent-disco. The rest is history!

Itchy died tragically in 2008, shortly after his release from prison, where he spent several years. I am Surprised Records, together with Itchy's widow, is no releasing the Shock Therapy back catalogue, managing the musical heritage in the form of publications and activities, to present the extensive work of Itchy/Shock Therapy. This 'Best of' album, features the VERY best of Shock Therapy from 1985 to 2008 on a massive double-CD, feat. not less than 34 tracks and including a number of very rare mixes, unreleased tracks and special remixes of classics!