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  • Shiv-r. This World Erase.

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Shiv-r. This World Erase. CD.

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Product Description

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Following up on the innovative Hold My Hand, Metropolis Records presents the second album by this unique UK/AUS based industrial/electro band. Haunting and elegant, Shiv-r extend their gossamer presence in 2011 with the release of This World Erase. As their unsettling influence extends in a society alarmingly comprised of the desensitized and the apathetic, Shiv-r’s objective remains to leave listeners unnerved, elated and above all affected; “We won’t stop. We won’t hold back. We want to see what’s inside you.”

Product Videos

SHIV-R - This World Erase - Teaser (00:48)
Teaser for the upcoming Shiv-r album: THIS WORLD ERASEDirected by: Thomas Marcusson and Stephanie Rajalingam. www.scixors.comwww.shiv-r.comwww.infacted-recordings.comwww.deathwatchasia.com
  • SHIV-R - This ...
    Teaser for the upcoming Shiv-r album: THIS WORLD ERASEDirected...

Track Listing

01. Entrée
02. Pharmaceutical Grade
03. God is Art
04. Incision
05. Hollow Mask
06. This World Erase
07. Blind Mice
08. Deafening
09. This Fix
10. Stripped
11. Alpha Omega
12. Lingerie
13. Arise

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