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  • She Pleasures Herself. Fetish. CD.
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She Pleasures Herself. Fetish. CD.


Product Description

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SHE PLEASURES HERSELF is a very promising trio from Lisbon, Portugal, formed of recent (2016!). The band is comprised of: David Francisco synths/guitars, Nuno Francisco drums/pro-  gramming and Nuno Varudo singer/bass.

SPHS’s music is hard to encompass into a single genre or sound. Their style of music is reminiscent of Darkwave, Gothic Rock and Post punk sounds of the 80s. All this mixed into a  modern and luxurious image and sound between the decadence of punk and the fetish world.  SHE PLEASURES HERSELF plays a kind of sound that touches all senses - between a wave  of sound for the dancefloor through an extreme urge and desire to make sex.

This their debut album features 9 original songs and a RED ZEBRA cover and will be  released also on limited Vinyl later this year! 

Product Videos

She Pleasures Herself [ SPHS ] - GHOST (04:02)
https://shepleasuresherself.bandcamp.com “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” ― Edgar Allan Poe Vocals and Bass Nuno Varudo Produced | Guitars | Synths David Wolf Drums Nuno Francisco [ Exploding Boy Dj ]
  • She Pleasures ...
    https://shepleasuresherself.bandcamp.com “Believe only half of...

Track Listing

01 Time
02 Crime
03 Trust
04 Fake
05 Dance with Her
06 Ghost
07 I can't live in a Living Room (Red Zebra)
08 Oceans of Pleasure
09 Touch
10 Use You in Pogo
11 The End