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  • Seven Trees. Trauma Toxicity. CD.
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Seven Trees. Trauma Toxicity. CD.


Product Description

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In the end of the 90s Swedish industrial duo Seven Trees quickly became a known act in the darker scene. Their harsh and straight industrial sounds mixed with strings and atmospheric sounds quickly brought them a deal with cult-labels Zoth Ommog and Energy. In 2013 their album "Embracing the unknown" was re-released on Infacted’s ‘classic’ series. But still no sight of new material, until NOW!

Johan Kronberg and Henrik Karlsson return with full force and five brand new tracks. Seven Trees proves that their absence from the scene has not in any way changed their style of music. It´s darker and harder than ever. But still with that unique touch mixing strings and dark harmonies. One of the strongest releases in the industrial scene 2017! All fans that awaited their return... It´s time to embrace the unknown... again!

Track Listing

01 Azure
02 Black Ice
03 Dead Cells
04 You slit My Soul
05 Cold Waves of Silence