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  • Seven Trees. Expanding The Unknown. CD.
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Seven Trees. Expanding The Unknown. CD.

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Product Description

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On March 22 it is time to unveil the retrospective compilation SEVEN TREES "Expanding The Unknown", released on Infacted Recordings in their legendary 'Classics' series! The CD contains the full "Embracing the Unknown" album originally issued in 1997 on Zoth Ommog, meticulously remastered from the original tapes by mastering guru Tobias Ersson at SoundBitz production - finally giving the album the edge it should have had from the very beginning, whilst adopting new techniques to make it sound even better. Furthermore, an additional 8 tracks has been added. The CD, like all 'Classics' releases, is limited to 1.000 copies, and will be a midprice release.

Product Videos

Seven Trees [09] Desire Slowly Bursting (05:45)
Ninth track from the album "Embracing the Unknown", released in 1997. Seven Trees is a swedish Dark Electronic-band, wich unfortunately isn't active any longer.
  • Seven Trees [0...
    Ninth track from the album "Embracing the Unknown", released i...
  • Seven Trees · ...
    Dark Electro band from Örebro, Sweden, formed in 1993.

Track Listing

1. Submission
2. Stale
3. Tearstained
4. Overload
5. Velvet Dream
6. Going Down
7. The Unknown
8. To Live Is Regret
9. Desire Slowly Bursting
10. Fallen Idols (Legends Speak Mix)
11. Screaming Within
12. Struck Down
13. Debris
14. Final Spasm
15. The Lighter Surface
16. Loss Of Breath
17. Going Down (Re-Up Take)