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  • Servovalve. Necromasse. CD.
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Servovalve. Necromasse. CD.


Product Description

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"Necromasse" is the 3rd album by the famous French audio visual project Servovalve. The last effort of the duo (in 2009) was a double DVD and CD-Rom, but the band didn't release any new music since. After a successful comeback on stage in Paris last June and the digital re-release of "N-Gone" (2001) last summer, the duo is back and offers a new and very personal sonic vision of our future. We can clearly see/hear the change and evolution of the project: Alia building synth drones and voices, while Greg destroying rhythm and beats like an architect and expert of noise. Travelling sounds and textures like a starship out of K. Dick's twisted mind, Servovalve is offering some impressive new songs that will delight all Sci-Fi lovers and listeners.

Track Listing

01 Tridim
02 Macrosense
03 Ghubar
04 Smut
05 Tyson Loess
06 Gondwana
07 Yggdrasil
08 Nuwaq
09 Necrobasse