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  • September Mourning. Melancholia. CD.

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September Mourning. Melancholia. CD.

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A guitar driven force marries the sweep and grandeur of dramatic lyricism and melodic vocals in this debut album from the storyline driven dark culture fantasy art and musical project September Mourning. “Melancholia” is a musical journey though the emotions of the central character in the story. September is a girl trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. She is a reaper, with the power to harness death and use it to make things right. Each song on the album represents the emotions and memories she absorbs when she takes a soul.

The album features a wide spectrum of atmospheres, from powerful roar of guitars in the opener to epic tunes with catchy riffs and melodic chorus, from a taste of dubstep (in Love is War) to gentle ballads – “Melancholia” is a well balanced opus that offers heartfelt melodies, intelligent lyrics and a complete storyline.

September Mourning is the creation of a universe – not ‘just’ a band, but a story... a fantasy with a musical element intertwined within its world. Created by M Lazar and Marc Silvestri/Top Cow Comics, the project was previewed on stages with Marilyn Manson, only months after its inception. Performances with The Birthday Massacre, Hanzel Und Gretyl and many others followed, as well as massive radio play across the U.S. In the overpopulated music scene of today, September Mourning stands alone in its originality. Come, join the world of September and the Children of Fate.

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"Melancholia" : The Legend of the Skullfly (album teaser trailer) (03:18)
"Melancholia": a record of our very first songs from 2009/10 from the art project combining both music and comics, September Mourning available 5/18/12 on Repo Records, Germany. Preorder the album now at Poponaut www.poponaut.de or at best buy: www.bestbuy.com The Legend of the Skullfly: September is a reaper with the power to harness death and use it to make things right. The Skullfly is death personified as a butterfly like tattoo on her neck. When asked to capture a soul, it manifests itself from her neck and does so in the shape of a butterfly with the markings of 2 skulls on its wings... Additional music: "The Sombre Coquetry of Death" Copyright of The Guild of Funeral Violinists Additional images: military.wikia.com
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    "Melancholia": a record of our very first songs from 2009/10 f...
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Track Listing

01 Go for the Throat
02 A Place to call your own
03 Always
04 Fallen
05 Love is War (Romanticide)
06 Lost Angels
07 Crimson Skies
08 Sell your Fate
09 Beyond the Grave
10 Last Embrace