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  • Selofan. Tristesse. CD.
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Selofan. Tristesse. CD.


Product Description

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Listening to the second full-length by SELOFAN, it is worth wondering how that many music elements and different styles can be perfectly combined into one homogenous soundtrack – a trip back in time and yet so modern and individual! 12 new tracks of diverse music structures and moods, which reflect the maturation of this gifted duo. Side A is of a deep romantic sensibility. Unlike their previous “Verboten” LP, though still following the synthesizer and drum machine strategies, Selofan use more instruments, the bass and saxophone playing the leading role, all put together at their home studio. This record needs “instructions for use” and you will find them on the B side. Things are not as they seem, each track reveals a completely new cosmos, a piece of classical piano music, a rhythmic tango, old school dark wave and synthpunk tracks coexist in harmony. The expressive story-telling enters the mind with caustic lyrics of existential anguish as well as the poetry of Rilke and Hesse. 

Product Videos

Selofan - Tristesse (02:49)
Filming /editing Dimitris Chaz Lee. From the LP ''Tristesse" coming soon on Fabrika records. Release date January 2015. www.fabrikarecords.com https://fabrikarecords.bigcartel.com
  • Selofan - Tris...
    Filming /editing Dimitris Chaz Lee. From the LP ''Tristesse" c...

Track Listing

01 Der Steppenwolf 02 Ich kann Dich sehen 03 Tristesse 04 We care for You
05 Thunderbird 06 Napthalini - Napthaline 07 Odigies Chrisis - Instructions for Use 08 Fotografikes Mihanes - Photographic Cameras 09 Microwave Lovers 10 Vergänglichkeit 11 Confession 12 Allein

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