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  • Seabound. Speak In Storms: Tempest Edition. 2CD + Book.
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Seabound. Speak In Storms: Tempest Edition. 2CD + Book.

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High quality HARDCOVER BOOK with 2CDs. Book of 48 pages, 18x18 cms sized, hardcover, limited to strictly 300 copies worldwide!

Seven years have passed since the last Seabound album. The band seemed to have almost dis- appeared after their acclaimed third studio effort „Double-Crosser“. However, this happened for a reason, as keyboardist Martin Vorbrodt moved to the US and started a new life while singer Frank Spinath concentrated on his side projects Edge Of Dawn and Ghost & Writer. Two years ago, Seabound started a transatlantic collaboration, and initial tracks released on De- pendence label samplers turned some heads. Now the album has been finished and delivers the goods in the truest sense of the word. „It has turned out to be a Seabound album“, singer Frank Spinath simply states. As usual, „Speak In Storms“ displays a diverse mixture of spheric, cooly pulsating energy and warmth not patterned on anybody else’s music, but setting its own standards. Those afraid of a weak return from the group’s period of silence are gladly mistaken: „Speak In Storms“ testifies maturity and electronic strength, which only gradually develops from hypnotic vocals and largely reduced arrangements, only to become more intense and energetic. Thus, the transatlantic agreement has by no means done harm to the band. The same goes for the lyrics: Spinath, in real life a professor of psychology, processes fissures within the identities of his protagonists into a dense collage of emotions: nightmarish scenarios, doppelgangers as well as lost souls and fatal meetings and repeatedly the one questions about individual identity. At times multi-faceted, then resigning, hopeful or lurking and unscrupulous are the answers within these songs. Therefore, strongly relaxing space wanderings such as „Contraband“ go along with straightforward Future Pop songs like „Nothing But Love“ or electronical, atmospheric ballads in the vein of „Lair“. „Speak in Storms“ will be released in February in three formats.

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Track Listing

01 For Life 02 Contraband 03 For another Day 04 Liberty Rose 05 A grown Man 06 Everything 07 Lair 08 The Escape 09 Nothing but Love 10 Black Feathers

01 When she's hungry
02 Everything (EvvvilKing Remix by STERIL)
03 For Another Day (DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER Remix)
04 A Grown Man (ANDREW SEGA Remix)
05 For Another Day (WESENBERG Rework)
06 Black Feathers (Requiem)