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Seabound. Double-Crosser. CD.

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Possibly the most heart-felt and painful albums of the year, Seabound's Double-Crosser is a violent psychological storm of emotions all tied into the themes of deceit and self-deception. Imagine every emotion one is faced with when they find out someone they love has decimated their trust. Love, anger, depression, blame and remorse pull the listener though the deepest recesses of the human psyche as they begin to question the very truth they were presented. Frank Spinath from Seabound notes "the more you see through the facades, the more life's contradictions and irreconcilable needs will haunt you. If you lack the naïveté to find consolation in easy dogmatic rules, you will have to face the unsolvable sooner or later." Becoming a more confident singer on this album, Frank's vocals are accentuated by Seabound's signature sounds and arrangements. The varying compositions facilitate a balance with the lyrics to emphasize the feelings throughout the songs. From the fast paced "Traitor" where anger and frustration prevail to slower paced "Sapphire" where hope is present, Double-Crosser explores the temptations that we are faced with everyday and how they affect the people dearest to you. Released on Metropolis and available November 7th, 2006.

Track Listing

01. Scorch The Ground (Version)
02. The Promise
03. DoublePlusUngood
04. Sapphire
05. Domination
06. Every Last Grain
07. Castaway
08. October Song
09. Traitor (Extended)
10. Breathe