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Schulz. What Apology. CD.

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SCHULZ is the new blastingly powerful musical creation of Guenter Schulz (ex-KMFDM) and Jeff Borden (House of Commons). Combine Guenter’s heavy guitar riffing (he is thought by many to be the top guitarist in industrial rock) and Jeff’s incisive street level lyrics and you have a potent brew that smashes into your consciousness. One would have to say that SCHULZ is not merely industrial rock (Guenter was a huge part of KMFDM from 1986 to 1996, playing on their best selling albums) and they also combine just a hint of Motorhead style rock, along with Jeff’s ultra gravelly singing to make “What Apology” a wholly blistering CD. And dare I say, there is a lot of catchy melodic interplay between the guitars and vocals.

What Apology kicks off with “Resolve” its heavy guitar riff jolts you just as much as its lyrics, that unflinching look at drug abuse and the sheer determination it takes to get back control of one’s life. “Envision”, is next with its great hypnotic groove. You will get plowed over by the screaming riffs, vocals and double kick drums of “React” and “March”. “Lowtrack” rolls along like a classic Iggy Pop track. As What Apology progresses, some of the tracks take on a dreamy and erotic quality. As well “Accept” is a cool trance-like club tune.

Jeff Borden comes from Vancouver’s underground punk scene, he played drums in the seminal punk band House of Commons. Combine that with Guenter Schulz’s great track record with KMFDM and you come up with a very potent outfit. What Apology was produced by Guenter (he also produced Rammstein and KMFDM). Their debut album is here and Sudden Death Records is unleashing it to the world.

Released on Sudden Death and available March 1st, 2006.

Track Listing

1.      Resolve
2.      Envision
3.      React
4.      Lowtrack
5.      March
6.      I Feel Fine
7.      Love Will Tear Us Apart
8.      Fear Tactic
9.      Uncertainty
10.     Accept
11.     Give Me Something Real