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  • Samsas Traum. Heiliges Herz. Vinyl.
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Samsas Traum. Heiliges Herz. Vinyl.


Product Description

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"Heiliges Herz" definitely takes no prisoners. This album is like a never ending fast track, a blind mania, a shot right through which makes no compromises. Alexander Kaschte who best represents heinous lunacy in the German-speaking realm has once again managed to lead his aficionados to a frightening place where misanthropy, isolation and mere destructiveness prevail. However, this time the effect is not evoked by orchestral and electric sounds. "Heiliges Herz" is metaphorically dressed in an impenetrable garment made from black metal.  

Product Videos

SAMSAS TRAUM - Heiliges Herz (Herford 2008) (05:27)
ARTIST: Samsas Traum SONG: Heiliges Herz ALBUM: Samsas Traum Heiliges Herz - Das Schwert deiner Sonne GUEST VOCALS: J.S. Swan (https://myspace.com/theveilonline) LABEL / CATALOGUE-NUMBER: Trisol, TRI 318 CD AMAZON-BUY-LINK: http://www.amazon.de/Heiliges-Herz-Schwert-Deiner-Sonne/dp/B000VBIHBC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382772900&sr=8-1&keywords=heiliges+herz FILMED BY JENS MEYER @ HERFORD 2006
    ARTIST: Samsas Traum SONG: Heiliges Herz ALBUM: Samsas Tra...

Track Listing

01 5+6=218 02 Das Zeitalter der Bäume 03 Auf den Spiralnebeln 04 Heiliges Herz
05 Des Schwert deiner Sonne 06 Hirte der Meere 07 Schlaf in den Flammen
08 Liebeslied 09 Im Auge des Sturms 10 Der Tag stummer Rache