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  • Saltillo. Monocyte. Vinyl + 7" Vinyl.

Saltillo. Monocyte. Vinyl + 7" Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Saltillo. Monocyte. The full album experience, on vinyl.

The soundtrack to menton3's Monocyte comic was released in 2012 on CD. An EP vinyl version was released later that included exclusive remixes, but the full CD never saw a wax edition. That is about to change.

Artoffact Records will release a vinyl version of Saltillo's full Monocyte album this summer. The new Monocyte vinyl will be issued as a 1LP+7" inside a gatefold sleeve with special paper to simulate the textured painting style of menton3. It will contain all the tracks that originally appeared on the CD.

"I absofuckinglutely fucking love the fucking fucking fucking Fuck out of this fucking album."
Joel Frieders, SYFFAL

"E.S. Posthumus meets Nine Inch Nails."
Jonathan Barkan, Bloody Disgusting

"Makes Portishead's Third look like Beethoven's 2nd."
Alan Ranta, Exclaim! Magazine

100 copies on special edition White/Black Haze vinyl (plus black 7")
150 copies on solid white vinyl (plus black 7")
Also available on black vinyl.

Product Videos

Saltillo - Monocyte (Full Album) (1:17:47)
In this video you can find two albums: Monocyte and Monocyte: The Lapis Coil. Tracklist: Monocyte. 00:00 - Abeo 02:34 - Proxy 07:05 - If Wishes Were Catholics 12:20 - The Right Of Action 17:21 - They All Do It The Same 20:17 - Gatekeepers 24:31 - I Hate You 28:31 - Forced Vision 33:01 - Hollow 36:45 - The Locus Priory 42:29 - Veil 47:44 - To Kill A King Monocyte: The Lapis Coil 51:42 - Proxy 56:12 - If Wishes Were Catholics (Remix) 1:00:47 - The Right Of Action (Remix) 1:04:52 - Gatekeepers 1:09:05 - The Locus Priory 1:14:46 - Necromancy All content (C) 2012 Menton J. Matthews III.
  • Saltillo - Mon...
    In this video you can find two albums: Monocyte and Monocyte:...

Track Listing

Side A 1 Abeo
2 Proxy
3 If Wishes Were Catholics
4 The Right Of Action
5 They All Do It The Same

Side B 6 Gatekeepers
7 I Hate You
8 Forced Vision
9 Hollow
10 The Locus Priory
Side C 11 Veil
Side D 12 To Kill A King