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  • Saltillo. Ganglion. MP3.
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Saltillo. Ganglion. MP3.

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Menton J. Matthews III is one of those artists who should have lived in the sixteenth century, along with Shakespeare and da Vinci. His project Saltillo grew out of the ashes of Sunday Munich but perfects a style of electronic and violin-laden trip-hop that is original, seductive, and bold. The first album Ganglion was released in 2005 and now sees a re-issue through Artoffact Records featuring a bonus track and remastered. Recommended if you like: Portishead, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack.

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Saltillo - Grafting (04:47)
Artist: SaltilloSong: GraftingAlbum: Ganglion (2006)Genre: Trip-hopOnce part of Sunday Munich project, Menton James Matthews III now produces excellent music as Saltillo. He is a proove, that good music still lives on this world. The album Ganglion is so unique, its a must for everyone, who has good taste. The album contains twelve tracks and it is really hard to say, which one is better than others. There is no bad song, you will love every single one. It doesnt matter if it is emotional Giving In with beautifull voice of Sarah Matthews or classical A Necessary End or mindblowing A Simple Test. Every song is different but they have one common element. They are beautiful and you will love them. No, I am not kidding, its just true. Its just power of magic...If you want know something more about Saltillo, check out http://www.myspace.com/saltillo and official page http://www.kyan.com/saltillo/ . And if you are really interested in, you should also check this: interview with author http://www.gothtronic.com/?page=23&interviews=933 and authors YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/mentonart .
  • Saltillo - Gra...
    Artist: SaltilloSong: GraftingAlbum: Ganglion (2006)Genre: Tri...
  • Saltillo - A N...
    Artist: Saltillo // Album: Ganglion // Title: A Necessary End ...

Track Listing

1. A Necessary End
2. Giving In
3. Remember Me?
4. A Simple Test
5. A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist
6. Blood and Milk
7. The Opening
8. Backyard Pond
9. Grafting
10. Praise
11. I'm on the Wrong Side
12. Denim
13. 002 F#m