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  • Saft. Norrbacka. CD.
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Saft. Norrbacka. CD.


Product Description

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One of the most legendary Swedish synthpop acts of all times, Saft, returns after one and a half decade under the ice. Saft was during their most active time without the biggest electronic pop act around in Sweden and even reached a big audience outside the synthpop scene with their extremely catchy and well produced tracks. 2016 they finally return with a new album. With the new album "Norrbacka" Saft returns to their roots. Easy listening, well produced and super catchy tunes! The return of a Swedish legend for sure.

Track Listing

01. Om oss
02. Dina steg
03. Aldrig som förr
04. Oförstörd
05. Inget mer att ge
06. Gå hem
07. Åsikt
08. Du gör mig galen
09. Bara lögn
10. Låt mig vara fri