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  • Ruinizer. Decimation in HD. CD.
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Ruinizer. Decimation in HD. CD.


Product Description

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The second album from genre-busting UK-based act RUINIZER – dropping elements of hip-hop and metal into the electro-industrial mix alongside lengthy and darkly witty lyrics. “Decimation In H.D.” is a formidable follow-up to the 2014 debut “Mechanical Exhumation of the Antichrist”, featuring like that first album an array of guest vocal appearances – this time from SURGYN’s Veil, SERAPHIM SYSTEM and AVARICE IN AUDIO… Limited first edition on CD, in 4-panel digipak with 6-panel lyric booklet (all presented in comic-book style!) and exclusive bonus remixes from fellow former NoiTekk labelmates GRENDEL, FGFC820, DYM plus TERROLOKAUST. 

Track Listing

01 Un2 Ruin
02 Doomsday Device
03 Devilution (feat. SURGYN)
04 All hail the Might!
05 Decimation in H.D. (feat. AVARICE IN AUDIO)
06 An Army of Ruin
07 Mechanichrist
08 The Face of Chaos
09. Go to Hell (feat. SERAPHIM SYSTEM)
10 Subhuman
11 Somewhere between God and Machine
12 Fukdat
13 The Horror Bonus-Tracks:
14 Subhuman (FGFC820 rmx)
15 Fukdat (DYM’s Dukfat rmx)
16 An Army of Ruin (GRENDEL rmx)
17 Fukdat (TERROLOKAUST’s Fukdis rmx)