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  • RROYCE. Karoshi (Deluxe). CD.
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RROYCE. Karoshi (Deluxe). CD.


Product Description

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After the release of their debut „Dreams and Doubts and Fears“ in 2014, Dortmund/Germany based electropop band „Rroyce“ returns with their second album „Karoshi“ in a special „Deluxe“ edition. „Karoshi“ is a Japanese term for death caused by overwork or job-related exhaustion. The idea for the album title was born during the production progress of the album while the band members often had to compromise in between the love for music, being private family men and their own daily job routine. „Karoshi“ is also an album which transmits some strong social messages against homophobia, violence against foreigners and immigrants. The album cover was designed by Irene Berbee a well known Cartoon designer. The Deluxe version of „Karoshi“ features massive six (!) bonus tracks starting with acoustic versions of „The Dying of your Pride“ and „The Principle of Grace“ – quite unusual for an electro-pop act and be prepared for goose bumps while listening! Followed by four massive remixes from well known bands such as „Eisfabrik“, „Rotersand“, „Beborn Beton“ or „Neuroticfish“ who gave the songs their very own brand. „Rroyce“ are a new bright light in the long row of high quality synth and electropop bands coming from Germany.

Product Videos

RROYCE - Who Needs (official Video) (05:06)
The Single "Who Needs" is the 2nd Single Release taken from the forthcoming RROYCE-Album "KAROSHI" (to be released in September 2016) . Enjoy and feel free to share. Video directed, Camera and Postproduction by: Ravi Sejk http://blog.medienmalocher.de/kontakt Models: Kitsune Inari https://www.facebook.com/Kitsune-Inari-276335939144857/?fref=ts Mandy Xotoxic https://www.facebook.com/ModelMandyXotoxic/?fref=ts Miss Brightside https://www.facebook.com/truemissbrightside/?fref=ts Marigo Son https://www.facebook.com/marigo.son?fref=ts Models dressed by Fantastic Rubber https://www.fantasticrubber.de Make up: Dae Joon https://www.dm-kd.de Get your digital Copy of the Song here: https://www.amazon.de/Who-Needs-RROYCE/dp/B01I7DFXVW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1470859100&sr=8-3&keywords=rroyce https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/who-needs-single/id1132715958 https://www.igroove.ch/album/37341/who-needs-rroyce.html
  • RROYCE - Who N...
    The Single "Who Needs" is the 2nd Single Release taken from th...

Track Listing

01 The Principle of Grace 02 Who Needs 03 (It smells like) War 04 The Dying of your Pride 05 Siamese Dreaming 06 Pyroclastic Flow 07 Running with the Sheep 08 One Two Three Four 09 I like it, when you lie 10 You don ́t belong here Bonus: 11 Who Needs (Beborn Beton Remix) 12 Pyroclastic Flow (Neuroticfish Remix) 13 Siamese Dreaming (Rotersand Remix) 14 (It smells like) War (Eisfabrik Remix) 15 The Dying of your Pride (Akustik Version) 16 The Principle of Grace (Akustik Version)