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Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone. In the Heart. Vinyl.


Product Description

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On the 20th Anniversary of Rozz Williams' death, April 1st, 2018 DARK VINYL & CULT EPICS are releasing the long awaited DREAM HOME HEARTACHE Tour recordings, featuring songs of Christian Death (On the Altar) & songs of the Dream Home Heartache album by Rozz & Gitane (In the Heart). Both will be released on two limited Vinyls and a 2CD Set. All 3 releases features specially designed artwork by Herbert Starek. The limited 2CD comes as Digipack with 3 Bonustracks (which are not on the vinyl edition) and 16-Page Booklet (with liner notes by Nico B & Gitane Demone & Tour photos), the limited Vinyl comes with one bonus track each (which are not on the 2CD edition). 

Limited edition high quality BLACK Vinyl, featuring the ‘Dream Home Heartache’ songs, recorded on the legendary Tour!

Product Videos

Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone: On the Altar & In the Heart | Cult Epics (01:02)
Promotional video for the upcoming Cult Epics/Dark Vinyl release for the 20th Anniversary of Rozz Williams Legacy. You can Pre-order Limited Edition Clear VINYLS & 2CDS signed copies here: http://www.cultepics.com/product-detail/on-the-altar-in-the-heart/
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    Promotional video for the upcoming Cult Epics/Dark Vinyl relea...

Track Listing

A1 Dream Home Heartache (*) A2 These Vulnerable Eyes (*) A3 A World apart (**) A4 Pope’s Egg Hat (**) A5 Moon without a Tear (**)

B1 Flowers (*) B2 Moon without a Tear (**) B3 Dream Home Heartache Reprise (**) Bonus track: B4 Time (***)

Recorded at: Cas-Rock, Edinburgh, 26th of April 1996 (*) / Le Plan, Ris Orange (Paris), 14th of April 1995 (**) / The Vault, Miami, 30th of December 1995 (***)