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  • Rome. Coriolan. CD.
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Rome. Coriolan. CD.


Product Description

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ROME enthusiasts worldwide might be aware of the fact that mastermind Jerome Reuter likes to throw in a little Shakespearian quote now and then but this release, based on the story of one of the most opaque of Shakespeare's tragic heroes, Coriolanus, comes as a welcome surprise nonetheless. The [mini] album “Coriolan” (alternative spelling of Coriolanus) is a wild ride through different musical genres; from the marching loops of “Investiture” to the fire-spitting post-punk riffing on “Fragments”, from the instant dark wave classic “Broken”, to the Wagnerian title track ballad: “Coriolan” is as multi-faceted as it is enjoyable and with the song "Der Krieg" this release holds a particularly interesting surprise, especially for ROME's German fans.  ROME delivers an uncompromising and eclectic mini-album and have noticeably and successfully returned to former levels of sound and production quality. Given the diversified nature of this release, it remains to be seen where Jerome Reuter will want to take his supertanker next...

Track Listing

01 Investiture
02 Make you a Sword of Me
03 Broken
04 Fragments
05 This Light shall undress All
06 Coriolan
07 Der Krieg
08 Funeratio

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