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  • Rolf Trostel. Der Prophet. Vinyl.
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Rolf Trostel. Der Prophet. Vinyl.


Product Description

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Re-issue of the 1982 release. Electronic Pop was the musical goal of the Berlin School musician Rolf Trostel on his third album. As on his previous releases, the sonic peculiarities and clanking sounds of wavetable synthesis are emphasized. Yet here they are obviously more interlinked with the rhythm computer, the Minimoog solo synthesizer and the analog string synth. Compared to the previous albums, simpler sequencer lines with less layering provide for a more airy sound. “With this production, the rhythmic element is at the foreground, specifically the variable programming of drum computer. Der Prophet was my most commercial production,” explains Trostel. "Der Prophet" is the culmination of this phase of Trostel’s oeuvre, which was tightly coupled to the PPG Wave Computer.

Product Videos

✿ ROLF TROSTEL - "Der Prophet" (1982) ✿ (09:26)
ROLF TROSTEL - "Der Prophet" - from the album "Der Prophet" (1982) - Label : Uniton Records -- U-008 - Personal Collection by 67aFrOsoUL✿
    ROLF TROSTEL - "Der Prophet" - from the album "Der Prophet" (1...

Track Listing

01 Der Prophet (9:46)
02 Digital Track (6:25)
03 Individual Destiny (2:33)
04 New Age Of Intelligence (8:38)
05 Town Dreamer (5:34)
06 Sehnsucht (3:46)