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  • Reaper. Babylon Killed the Music. CD.
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Reaper. Babylon Killed the Music. CD.


Product Description

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“What an amazing album!” Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, NamNamBulu…) aka “Reaper” is back! After the debut album “Hell starts with an H” Reaper returns with a true masterpiece as colorful as the former Babylon city, the home of man, varied and complex, powerful and melancholic! The album is where 80s and 90s melt and the 2000 kicks in. Techno meets New Beat, Industrial meets TBM, 90s meets synth wave colored with 80s influences. As strange as all this sounds as great is the bandwidth of this musical journey! “Cracking skull” is the “typical” “Reaper” sound followed by “The sound of IDS” which is another TBM floorfiller! Track three, “Sledge Hammer” comes in more poppy a bit trance like building a bridge to “Farewell,” a late 80s influenced New Beat song in the vein of “KLF.” “We are Reaper” defines the mid-tempo section with marching beats and massive vocal samples before the album turns back to its club style with “Neophyte.” “Footprint” is another musical surprise mostly ambient, chill out style but powerful in its sounds and structure. “Aladin killed JFK” is a true retro 90s Trance/Techno track as energetic as most of the album! “Divide the sea” comes as the next true surprise as charming as “Delerium” or even “Enigma” when the album closes with “Silver Love” which could as well have been a song on an album by Frozen Plasma, Assemblage 23 or VNV Nation: a true synth wave masterpiece. An Album full of diversion, club hits, strong melodies and great ideas!

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REAPER - Babylon Killed The Music - Album Preview (13:45)
Release: 30.09.2016 Preorder: www.plugplayloud.com check www.facebook.com/reaperelectro for more infos about REAPER and our Tour with Project Pitchfork and Extizee
  • REAPER - Babyl...
    Release: 30.09.2016 Preorder: www.plugplayloud.com check www.f...

Track Listing

01 Cracking Skulls
02 The Sound of IDS
03 Sledge Hammer
04 Farewell
05 We are Reaper
06 Sechzehn Punkte Plan
07 Neophyte
08 Footprint
09 Aladin killed JFK
10 Divide the Sea
11 Silver Love