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  • Rave the Reqviem. The Gospel of Nil. CD.
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Rave the Reqviem. The Gospel of Nil. CD.

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Product Description

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Swedish singer/songwriter Filip Lönnqvist‘s self-titled debut album “Rave The Reqviem” was the breakout success story of 2014 on DWA – swiftly accelerating to become both the fastest-selling and ultimately the best-selling debut album on DWA ever. Spawning the singles “Aeon,” “Is Apollo still alive?” and the massively popular “Ikaros,” “Rave the Reqviem” captured the attention of audiences worldwide leading in turn to invitations to perform in both Russia and at Resistanz Festival UK. 

Some two years later, Filip – now accompanied by a full 5-piece band which includes proud parent Carola providing the female vocals – has finally put the finishing touches to the follow-up, his first concept album “The Gospel of Nil.” Still incorporating the electronics that powered the first album and which are a key component of the signature “RTR Sound,” “The Gospel of Nil” has been deliberately written and produced as an album which goes way deeper into metal territory than ever before – and which in so doing seems likely to supply “the Chvrch of RTR” with a steady stream of further converts from more mainstream rock audiences in addition to fans of industrial metal.

As befitting a title with such Biblical pretensions, the CD first edition comes in a luxurious and collectible hardback mediabook format, with integral 20-page lyric booklet.

Product Videos

RAVE THE REQVIEM - Mono Heart (Official Mvsic Video) (03:23)
http://www.ravethereqviem.com https://www.facebook.com/ravethereqviem (p) + (c) 2016 Digital World Audio Taken from the DWA single "Mono Heart" (DWV428/DWD429) Get the single (on limited edition 7" vinyl, or digitally) from DWA's online store here: http://dwa.store/album/mono-heart Or digitally on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1122881041?ls=1&app=itunes Or Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7ieQLsj52Zu7PrX03R6eni Video prodvced by The Chvrch Of RTR Filmed by Petter Perseivs and Daniel "Yor" Lindgren Post-prodvction by Petter Perseivs Mvsic and lyrics by Filip Lönnqvist Mixed by André Alvinzi and Linvs Cornelivsson Mastered by André Alvinzi Makevp by Emma Björnheimer Thanks to Nina Cederberg and Örjan Petersson for providing theatrical property
    http://www.ravethereqviem.com https://www.facebook.com/ravethe...

Track Listing

01 Prelvdivm (Nihil Ex Nil)
02 Azalea
03 Synchronized Stigma
04 I hold the Sceptre
05 Eschaton
06 Mono Heart
07 Illvsion Shaper
08 Solely tor the Sake of Vengeance
09 The Primary Fvel
10 Black Dog baptized
11 Postlvdivm (Nil Ex Nihil)