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  • Rational Youth. Magic Box (Live 1983 + Archives CD). 3CD.
  • Rational Youth. Live 1983. 2CD.

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Rational Youth. Magic Box (Live 1983 + Archives CD). 3CD.

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Product Description

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To avoid confusion and madness: this is NOT a boxset. The name of the set is "Magic Box", because that's what Kevin Komoda called the box in which he found all the unreleased Rational Youth material.

"Magic Box" is a collection of three CDs, including the double-CD Live 1983 and a third, limited edition CD that collects Rational Youth archive tracks, demos, 7" remixes, as well as solo tracks from Bill Vorn, Kevin Komoda, and Tracy Howe. The CDs also includes two tracks from the infamous "Affection" cassette, and a track from Heaven Seventeen, a pre-Rational Youth project. All tracks have been remastered from original tapes where possible. Limited to 390 copies worldwide.

Rational Youth needs no introduction for fans of New Wave, especially the unique brand of New Wave that came out of Canada in the early-80s. Indeed, culture magazine The Walrus recently called Dancing on the Berlin Wall one of "the ten greatest Canadian synth-pop songs of all time." They could have as easily chosen Saturdays In Silesia, City of Night, or Holidays in Bangkok...

In the mid-80s, bootleg tapes of RY's Winnipeg and Ottawa performances began circulating, and even found their way across the Atlantic where they were considered collector's items. Lost for many decades, the original recordings were recently discovered, cleaned, and remastered, and now Artoffact Records presents the definitive Rational Youth 80s live experience thirty years later. This is RY in their truest, rawest form, fresh off international success, young, eager, and unique, and playing to college audiences that ate it up. The double-CD collection features all the RY hits and includes several tracks that were never recorded by the band.

Liner notes by Tracy Howe and Kevin Komoda share memories and discuss the legacy of one of the most influential acts in early Canadian electronic music.

Dancing on the Berlin Wall: "One of the ten greatest Canadian synth-pop songs of all time."
-Andre Mayer, The Walrus

"The most accomplished--and most distinctive--Canadian debut in years."
-Greg Quill, The Toronto Star

"Rational Youth represents everything that was good about 1980s synth-pop."
-Aaron Badgley, AllMusic

"Stark, foreboding, wistful, with sweeping lines and staccato rhythms that effect a trance-like state."
-Brian Rabey, Music Express

"First class, eerie electronic music. Rational Youth, in my opinion are one of the best Canadian groups around."
-Dieter Riedel, Bandersnatch

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Rational Youth - Holiday In Bangkok (Live) (05:10)
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  • Rational Youth...
    Taken from the COLD WAR night life LP released in 1982 on YUL ...

Track Listing

Magic Box
1. Bill Vorn - Untitled (1981 Cinema V show intro)
2. Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia (1981 demo)
3. Rational Youth - Just A Sound In The Night (1981 demo)
4. Rational Youth - Dancing On The Berlin Wall (1981 demo version)
5. Tracy Howe & Kevin Komoda - Affection Theme - Green Trenchcoat
6. Bill Vorn - Arcade
7. Kevin Komoda - Lakeshore Drive
8. Rational Youth - In Your Eyes 1983 demo mix 1)
9. Rational Youth - Holiday In Bangkok (1983 demo mix)
10. Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia (7" remix)
11. Rational Youth - City Of Night (Original 1982 mix, unreleased)
12. Rational Youth - Le Meilleur Des Mondes (7" version)
13. Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia (2013 Version)
14. Tracy Howe - Merry Christmas Mary Ann
15. Heaven Seventeen - I've Got A Sister In The Navy

Live 1983: Disc 1
1 Nothing Left To Say
2 Just A Sound In The Night
3 I Want To See The Light
4 Beware The Fly
5 Ring The Bells
6 Man In Grey
7 Dancing On The Berlin Wall
8 Holiday in Bangkok
9 Saturdays In Silesia
10 Pile Ou Face
11 Latin Lovers
12 Close To Nature

Live 1983: Disc 2
1 Intro / Le meilleur des mondes
2 Close To Nature
3 Latin Lovers
4 Just A Sound In The Night
5 I Want To See The Light
6 Beware The Fly
7 Ring The Bells
8 Before The Flood
9 The Man In Grey
10 Dancing On The Berlin Wall
11 Saturdays In Silesia
12 Nothing Left To Say
13 In Your Eyes
14 City Of Night
15 Pile Ou Face