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  • Rational Youth. Future Past Tense. CD Digipak.
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Rational Youth. Future Past Tense. CD Digipak.

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The "most relevant and satisfying music since Rational Youth’s lauded 1982 debut album, Cold War Night Life."
-Barry Walters, Bandcamp Daily

High praise from an accomplished journalist. Rational Youth's magic comeback year is topped off with a brilliant CD digipak edition of the band's incredible Future Past Tense. The CD is limited to 500 copies worldwide and more than doubles the track listing of the 10" from 6 tracks to 14. The bonus material includes a cover by Techniques Berlin of "Dancing to the Fall of the Berlin Wall", as well as remixes from industrial legends Decoded Feedback, synthpop crew Diskodiktator, and more.


Formed in the early 80s by ex-Men Without Hats guitarist Tracy Howe and Bill Vorn, Rational Youth was later joined by Kevin Komoda and went on to record arguably the greatest synthpop album Canada has ever seen with Cold War Night Life. A national tour and 20,000 copies later, the band broke up, a new band was formed, a new album was released, only to have the band break up again in 1986. Since then, Rational Youth has been revived several times with different line-ups, each time adding something wonderful to the mix, but always rooted in Howe's knack for melody and his remarkable vocal style.


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Rational Youth - This Side Of The Border (03:46)
Club Underground Peru - 2016 https://www.facebook.com/groups/290465740990582/ Rational Youth facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RationalYouth/ Club Underground Peru Pagina Oficial: https://www.facebook.com/Club-Underground-Peru-Oficial-1569893613254286/
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    Club Underground Peru - 2016 https://www.facebook.com/groups/2...

Track Listing

1. This Side Of The Border
2. Western Man
3. In The Future
4. Here It Comes Again
5. Prison Of Flesh
6. Unveiling The Secret (The Word Made Flesh)


7. The Face Of Dorian Gray (With Johan Baeckström)
8. Dancing To The Fall Of The Berlin Wall
9. This Side Of The Border (Decoded Feedback Remix)
10. Here It Comes Again (Mars TV Redux)
11. Western Man (MX Carisma Remix)
12. This Side Of The Border (Diskodiktator Remix)
13. Prison Of Flesh (Johan Baeckström Remix)
14. Here It Comes Again (Diskodiktator Remix)