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  • Raggedy Angry. Dead Beats. CD.

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Raggedy Angry. Dead Beats. CD.

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Product Description

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Raggedy Angry plays a fusion on sounds ranging from synth-pop, alternative rock, punk and metal all packaged into one slickly produced package. The new album, entitled Dead Beats, is a frenetic mixture of driving guitars, hyperactive vocals, and frenzied electronics. Blending elements from what seems to be every influence under the sun, Raggedy Angry is a compelling act and Dead Beats is a fun, diverse album.

Track Listing

01. Requiem
02. The Funk
03. Meerkat
04. A Brief Interlude
05. Candy Unicorns
07. Earthbound
08. Rabbits
09. Superjet (The Birthday Massacre Remix)
10. Superjet (Vince Clortho Club Mix)