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  • Psyche. Re-Membering Dwayne. Vinyl.

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Psyche. Re-Membering Dwayne. Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Early, never-before-heard Psyche tracks created with Dwayne Goettel of SKINNY PUPPY!

Re-Membering Dwayne Goettel: Prior to joining Skinny Puppy, Dwayne Goettel was a member of the young electronic-horror act Psyche. Although Goettel and Psyche parted ways before any Psyche releases were put out, the masters containing Dwayne Goettel's performances were preserved in the Psyche vaults for years. Artoffact Records and Psyche hand-picked the most interesting tracks to release as Re-Membering Dwayne, the original Psyche-Dwayne Goettel sessions.

Limited vinyl re-issue is remastered for vinyl.

Product Videos

psyche : Fragility ()
  • psyche : Fragi...
  • Psyche - Krieg...
  • psyche : Krieg

Track Listing

1. Torture (Original Full Length Mix) (6:09)
2. Krieg (4:38)
3. The Crawler (2:08)
4. Eye Of The Hurricane (6:15)
Total Time (19:10)

1. Screaming Fire (3:57)
2. Krieg Dub (4:39)
3. Torture (Alternative Mix) (6:05)
4. The Crawler Theme (1:48)
5. Cheated (Imaginary Life DVD) (4:11)
Total Time (20.40)