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Prometheus Burning. nBoyde raRepi. CD.

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Product Description

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One of 2006’s most impressive and well-reviewed albums was Prometheus Burning’s amazing Beyond Repair CD. On heavy rotation in clubs around the world, this album shot Prometheus Burning to the forefront of the industrial/noise scene and opened the doors for a slew of live shows and festival appearances last year. Already deep into the writing of their new album, PB return to Hive with a remix CD featuring a new track and remixes by some of the best artists in the industrial, powernoise, and broken beat scenes. Mandatory for any DJs audio arsenal, and anyone else who enjoys a good, hard, earfuck.

More than a typical remix album, nBoyde raRepi is more of a sequel or continuation of Beyond Repair - far more cohesive and album-oriented than just a collection of reinterpreted tracks, this CD takes the original onslaught of Prometheus Burning's amazing album and warps, alters, mutates and destroys the soundwaves into something even more propulsive and engaging. Released on Hive Records and available July 31st, 2007.

Track Listing

01. Battery Drain [Unreleased]
02. Some Things are Meant to Stay Broken [Hypofixx Remix]
03. Deanimate [Abelcain Remix]
04. Significantly Altered [Iszoloscope Remix]
05. Beyond Repair [Suicide Inside Remix]
06. Some Things are Meant to Stay Significantly Altered [Scrap.edx Remix]
07. Beyond Repair [Xanopticon Remix]
08. Squelch [Edgey Remix]
09. For Every Action there is a Reaction [Endif Remix]
10. Squelch [Mc Arra Remix by Proyecto Mirage]
11. Significantly Altered [Atomhead Remix]
12. Some Things are Meant to Stay Broken [Fanny Remix]
13. When the Past Becomes Present [Bombardier Remix]