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  • Project Pitchfork. Second Anthology. 2CD Boxset.

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Project Pitchfork. Second Anthology. 2CD Boxset.

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Product Description

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Standard Double-CD in digipak, 33 songs, including: One exclusive, brand-new song; one unreleased duett version with Sven Friedrich [Solar Fake, Zeraphine…]; four songs entirely re-recorded and resung; and six completely reworked tracks. All tracks have been carefully remastered and the package comes in special opulent box-packaging (approx 18,5x18,5 cms) with 64 [!] pages extra booklet. The booklet includes an extensive picture gallery. All printed parts boast luxurious silk matt lamination! 

Track Listing

01 What have we done (exclusive song)
02 Beholder (Puppet Master Mix)
03 An End
04 I am
05 Splice
06 The Future is now
07 Stacked Visions
08 The Queen of Time and Space
09 If I could
10 Midnight Moon Misery
11 Blood-Thirst
12 Die Schlange vs. Dämon der Antwort
13 Lament
14 Chains
15 Blood-Stained
16 You rest in My Heart
01 Supersonic Snakebite (Iron Fist Mix)
02 Fleischverstärker
03 Blood-Pressure
04 View from a Throne
05 Insomnia
06 Acid Ocean (RMX)
07 Feel!
08 The Dividing Line (feat. Sven Friedrich)+#
09 Blood-Diamond
10 Abyss
11 Mute Spectators
12 Full Contact
13 The Circus (RMX)
14 Tempest
15 Inferno
16 Passion