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  • Project Pitchfork. Black. CD.

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Project Pitchfork. Black. CD.

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Black is the sanctuary of light. What follows when you leave space behind? When you move into worlds beyond time and space? When quantum mechanics made it possible to venture into see- mingly strange dimensions? In 2013, PROJECT PITCHFORK dwell on these questions and answer them already with the title of their newest album “BLACK” without losing themselves in the process: “In the emptiness of space, the biggest of all suns could shine right behind you but your eye would only behold utter darkness” - and with “BLACK”, PROJECT PITCHFORK enlighten these hidden worlds of our reality.  As tempting and as classic this name may be, as thought-provoking is the message behind it. With “BLACK”, PROJECT PITCHFORK celebrate their rank as leaders of a genre they themselves have founded. Again, they emerge utterly surprisingly from the darkness as they did with the predecessors “Continuum Ride” and “Quantum Mechanics”. These works alone kept the Dark Electro movement alive – and this will be the case in 2013 as well: Like the engine of the scene, the band still is in the midst of an unrivaled creative era supplying the blackish fire of Dark Electro with new fuel. And thanks to “BLACK”, this flame is shining brighter than ever before.  Epic and anthemic is PROJECT PITCHFORK‘s return – laden with moving hymns, timeless melodies, poetic and deep lyrics. PROJECT PITCHFORK are masters in refining their characteristics. But as always, their immortal trademark sounds lurks in the new material and unites with ever new impulses to form an explosive cocktail of sound shrouding the Electro world in a novel, fascinating light. Tracks like “Black Sanctuary”, a passionate and monumental giant of a song, or “The Circus” with its other- worldly, surreal atmosphere show PROJECT PITCHFORK as a being transcending time and space and building a new home for the deepest black.  Inspiring as ever, driven by sheer passion and armed with a feeling for great compositions, “BLACK” proves above all that PROJECT PITCHFORK are the grandmasters of this genre. Massive and thrilling, the Dark Electro saviours explore their broad sound continuum more thoroughly than ever before – and bring some of their strongest moments back to earth from the blackness. Pitch-black, fascinating and groundbreaking. Welcome to the sanctuary of light.


Track Listing

01 Pitch-Black
02 Drums of Death
03 Enchanted Dots of Light
04 The Circus
05 Rain
06 Contract
07 Storm Flower
08 Acid Ocean
09 Black Sanctuary
10 Nil