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  • Primitive Race. Soul Pretender. CD.

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Primitive Race. Soul Pretender. CD.

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Product Description

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Primitive Race began as an industrial collective of rotating members, the sophomore album "Soul Pretender" takes a compelling new alternative rock direction. Founder Chris Kniker opts for a static lineup featuring vocalist Chuck Mosley (Faith No More) & drummer Dale Crover (Melvins). Group veterans Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, Tricky, MGT) & Erie Loch (Blownload, Wiccid) round out the lineup.

Track Listing

01. Row House
02. Cry Out
03. Cranial Matter
04. Take It All
05. Bed Six
06. Stepping Stone
07. Turn It Up
08. Soul Pretender
09. Nothing To Behold
10. Dancing On The Sun

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