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Pride and Fall. In My Time Of Dying. CD.

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Divorce, a friend's suicide, a loss in the family, your record label goes out of business, taking with it a good chunk of the music scene...the past 12 months have not been kind to PRIDE AND FALL. But the events have clearly left their mark on the title, lyrics, and artwork of their new album, "In My Time Of Dying", which was largely written during this trying period. As so often happens during periods of personal crisis, creative energies can flourish, and the Norwegian trio have summarily delivered an electronic masterpiece. You needn't be a mindreader to see the dark threads running through this album. When the album artwork consists of depictions of three young artists as old and decrepit, with split fingernails, thinning hair, and sagging shoulders, it's clear this is more than just some marketing gag. „Its about how everything ends, crumbles apart and withers. Things that get taken away from you without you having any control over it.“ Accordingly, PRIDE AND FALL have gone to great lengths to make this, quite possibly the last album of their career, their most intense and professional. While highly danceable, much of the album's tracks are underscored by a certain penetrating darkness, especially "The Painful Regret", "My Little", and "In My Time Of Dying", reflecting the intensity of experience dealt out by the hand of fate. While PRIDE AND FALL might come to an end with this album, the album itself will live on, a testament to a band who have immortalized their sorrows in a remarkable way. Released on Metropolis Records and available September 25th, 2007.

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