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Pride and Fall. Elements Of Silence. CD.

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Product Description

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Pride and Fall spent a grueling two years in the studio after the release of their debut, Nephesh, in order to create an album worthy of being called a follow-up. They failed. What they created could in fact be called their pinnacle achievement. Elements of Silence has all of the elements that bands twice as old as Pride and Fall only hope they can attain. Catchy melodies, beat driven hooks, fast paced synths, and smooth vocals that flow over the music like water over ice. From the dance floor destroyers, to the heartfelt ballads, to the shoe gazer tracks that make the listener ponder their own existence, the only silence you will find on this record is after the album is over and you wonder what just happened to you. In years to come, Pride and Fall’s 2006 release will become one of the classic must have albums in electronic music. Released on Metropolis Records and available on January 24th, 2006.

Track Listing

01. Ineo
02. Retrospect
03. Sacrament
04. Scarred
05. Border
06. Pathogen
07. Elements Of Silence
08. The Violence In Me
09. The Guiding Light
10. Ego
11. The Perfect Circle
12. Essence Of Angels