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  • PreEmptive Strike 0.1. Epos V. CD.

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PreEmptive Strike 0.1. Epos V. CD.

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Product Description

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“PreEmptive Strike 0.1” are one of the true pioneers on Infacted’s artist roster! After four albums EPOS V marks the projects return to pure electronic sounds and a more than follow-up to their highly acclaimed album T.A.L.O.S. Their latest Opus features an overall EPIC feel, including many original sounds and more use of traditional Greek instruments such as the bouzouki and Cretan lyra. Highlights include a cover of "Coat of Arms" by Swedish power-metallers “Sabaton,” in both English and German (with vocals by Endanger's Rouven Walterowicz) as well as a collaboration with cult Polish, black-metallers "Black Altar" and an “Italodisco” remix by “Syrian!”  

Track Listing

01 Coat of Arms (Sabaton Cover) ‘Quest for the Golden Fleece: A Heroic Epos in Five Acts’:
02 Act I Epos Of The Argonauts
03 Act II The Clashing Rocks
04 Act III Slain of the Hydra
05 Act IV Medea’s Threnody
06 Act V The Death of Talos
07 Anthropophagus (Feat. Black Altar)
08 Invertebrate Terror
09 Cosmic Key
10 Coat of Arms (German Version feat. ENDANGER)
11 Epos of the Argonauts (Italodisco remix by SYRIAN)