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  • Prager Handgriff. Roburit. CD.

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Prager Handgriff. Roburit. CD.

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Product Description

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'Roburit' used to be a permissible explosive used by the coal mining industry in underground mining for booster detonations. Nowadays 'Roburit' is the brand-new and tenth album made by Stefan Chaefer and Volker Rathmann aka. 'Prager Handgriff', just in time for the band’s 25th anniversary!!! Both the explosive and the new album were produced in Witten, the hometown of Prager Handgriff. While the explosive was manufactured about 100 years ago, the album was recorded during the last year. The result is a highly explosive mixture of pulsating electronic sounds and German lyrics. And like the explosive 'Roburit' which had to be primed in order to detonate 'Prager Handgriff' strung together 14 primed and precisely timed electronic detonations on this album, ready to shake up the land with their blasts! 

Track Listing

01 Schneller als das Licht 02 Roburit 03 Nacht und Tag 04 Amerika 05 Momentum 06 Mittendrin 07 Faschoclowns 08 Dem Strum entgegen 09 Neuland 10 Morgenrot 11 Lampedusa 12 Neonlicht 13 Immer bereit 14 Kinderspiel