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  • Pop Will Eat Itself. This Is The Day…This Is The Hour…This Is This! (Expanded).

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Pop Will Eat Itself. This Is The Day! This Is The Hour! This Is This! (Expanded). 2CD.

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Following a series of independent chart successes released on Chapter 22 Records, PWEI were, in 1988, signed to BMG and produced this, arguably their most iconic album. Boasting indie dance-floor classics ‘Def Con One’ and ‘Can U Dig It?’, as well as a number of other standout tracks and fan favourites (‘Wise Up! Sucker’, ‘Preaching To The Perverted’ etc), this record took the band’s appeal beyond the UK and into America and Australia, as well as furthering interest throughout Europe. A furious blend of dance, hip-hop, rock and techno, “This Is This” was truly ahead of it’s time, and blazed a trail that would eventually lead to The Prodigy and several other rock-techno acts who thrived during the early 1990s.

Expanded here into a 2CD edition, and produced in conjunction with the band themselves, this incredible package features a plethora of b-sides, rare remixes, demos (from the band’s archives) and never before heard tracks from the BMG archives, including the legendary lost ‘Very Metal Noise Pollution’ EP 12” mixes, early versions of two of the album’s singles and an early recording of a track from 1990’s follow up album “The PWEI Cure For Sanity”.

Added to this, the package features sleeve-notes by the band’s own Adam Mole, an essay on this period of their career and some fantastic archive images. All reissues should be of this standard.

A must have package for any PWEI fan, and a brilliant showcase of a remarkable album. This record has international appeal and promises to put the band’s trailblazing career under the microscope again.

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Pop Will Eat Itself - Def Con One (Including the Twilight Zone) (03:53)
From the album: This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This Is This! (1989)
  • Pop Will Eat I...
    From the album: This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This Is T...

Track Listing

Disc one:

PWEI Is A Four Letter Word (1:12)
Preaching To The Perverted (4:16)
Wise Up! Sucker (3:17)
Sixteen Different Flavours Of Hell (2:03)
Inject Me (4:31)
Can U Dig It? (4:32)
The Fuses Have Been Lit (4:02)
Poison To The Mind (0:58)
Def. Con. One (4:39)
Radio P.W.E.I. (4:17)
Shortwave Transmission On ‘Up To The Minuteman Nine’ (1:02)
Satellite Ecstatica (4:37)
Not Now James, We’re Busy… (3:08)
Wake Up! Time To Die… (7:21)
Orgyone Stimulator
Can U Dig It? (Riffsmix)

Disc two:

PWEI-zation (12” Mix)
92°F (12” Mix)
Can U Dig It? (Justin Strauss 12″ House Mix)
Wise Up! Sucker (Youth’s 12″ Version)
Very Metal (Feb ‘89 Version)
Can U Dig It? (FYC Version)
She Loves Me Not (FYC Version)
Radio P.W.E.I. (FON Demo)
Wake Up! Time To Die.. (Instrumental Demo)