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Plasmodivm. Paradise Under Fire. CD.

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Product Description

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The year 2008 marks the debut on Caustic Records of this spanish project who has been many years working quietly into the darker electro-industrial field. With this first work titled "Paradise Under Fire", they start a formula that pursues to actively serve as a bridge between the two main currents of the Dark EBM, focusing in the nineties one, but without ignoring sounds and structures more in line with emerging Dark Electro trends. A sonic virus extremely powerful, deadly and corrosive in whose test tube is possible to perceive the influence of bands like Suicide Commando, Sleepwalker, Velvet Acid Christ, E-Craft, Leaether Strip or :Wumpscut: and that, coupled with his unique vision of making dark electronic,  makes this Paradise in Flames a shocking experience recommended for the good dark EBM taster, and reaches heights of superb quality with truly daunting tracks as "Be unclean - Stay impure", "Rise," "Life As Slave" or the epic last song of the album "Mi Vida se Apaga parte II," all of them real bombs to the dance floor. In addition, Plasmodivm explores in cuts like "Fade Away" or "Embrace my Fear" sounds and atmospheres close to bands like Mortal Constraint or the first Polygon, with truly remarkable results by the sound designs and use of samples, element that is handled with great skill throughout the work. Prepare to be infected by this new virus that promises to be one of the most amazing releases of the end of this year. Released on Caustic and available January 9th, 2009. <

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Be impure stay impure
3. Fade away
4. Life as slave
5. Rise
6. El sistema se ha vuelto extraño
7. Embrace my fear
8. Medication time
9. Sufrimientos
10. My ghosts are being feed by fear
11. Soul destroying
12. Ruptura inminente
13. outro